Deck Cleaning & Sealing

Updated: May 7, 2021

In addition to designing and building new decks/paver walks, walls and patios…

Let Skyline Consulting Group, LLC resurface and refinish your deck and rails.


Remember that beautiful deck you had built, and how you loved to sit outside enjoying the natural beauty of wood?

Our fence and deck restoration service will gently clean, brighten and waterproof the natural wood fibers, and will draw you outside again!

The quality of a craftsman is what Skyline Consulting Group, LLC provides, so schedule your free estimate now!


What else is on your house cleaning list?

We'll wash off your driveway and walkways to freshen up your whole entry.

Paver stone walks and patios will be treated with poly metric grout and sealers that inhibit

weed and algae/mold growth.

We can fix all pavers and stone that have moved, opened up and/or risen.

We also can build new paver walks, patios and hardscape features, including steps and retaining walls.


Proper wood deck maintenance pays off

Every 2-3 years, your wood deck should be stripped down to bare wood with a contractor grade wood stripper. We use a special brightener that is applied to help neutralize the cleaner and open up the pores of the wood in preparation for sealing.

Sometimes the process of cleaning cedar and pressure treated lumber leaves it looking fuzzy and worn. Decks must sometimes be hand power sanded, however, in order to be lightly deburred after cleaning. Our special deburring process won't damage the boards, and makes them look fresh and new again.

A mild cleaner and maintenance waterproofing coat should be applied every 2 years, between a full, bare wood restoration, to keep your wood free of surface contaminants that settle into the pores.

Make your wood deck the highlight of your backyard and schedule your free estimate today.


Quality deck cleaning contractors

With Skyline, you'll get an outstanding finish.

We know what it takes to help make your deck look like new again. We use professional washing, cleaning, deburring and sealing techniques that will brighten and restore the beauty and integrity of your wood deck.

We’ll stand behind our work, so your satisfaction is guaranteed!

And, remember, when comparing deck cleaning contractors, be sure to check licensing and insurance. We are a professional, licensed and fully insured general contracting company.

We can build from scratch, help design, replace rotten or destroyed concrete/paver/stone walls, walks, steps, all types of wood or composite decks and railings. We can also install underdeck drainage systems that will allow you to store items beneath your deck without them being damaged by water!



We are a Closter, NJ General Contracting Company, offering residential and commercial new and restorative solutions.

Whether you need mildew, algae, mold and grime removal on your deck/paver/asphalt we offer exterior house cleaning and washing that will brighten and protect your siding, driveway, deck and more!


House washing cleans off surface mildew and mold

Our low-pressure house wash removes mildew and grime

Mildew, algae and grime need to be regularly removed from your siding to help protect your home's exterior.

The longer nature runs its course on your home, the more permanent damage it can do, both aesthetically and structurally.

Our friendly staff is ready to restore your home's exterior, so call now and schedule your free estimate!

Regular maintenance on exterior siding pays off

A low-pressure wash and a mild cleaner help keep mold, mildew and other surface contaminants from taking over your siding. A thorough wash every 1-2 years will clean off the dirt and grime and give your home a fresh, new shine.

Make sure your siding lasts as long as it can, call us to schedule a free estimate!


SKYLINE- A top-quality contracting company with over 40 years of experience

With Skyline, you'll have peace of mind.


Pressure washing services

Many surfaces benefit from a careful and thorough pressure washing

From siding and fences, to driveways, walkways, patios and decks, flat surfaces get dirty and weathered and need to be restored.

Don't risk the damage that can come from improper use of equipment or chemicals. Let Skyline handle all your pressure washing needs.


Professional knowledge and the most up to date materials is what you'll get with Skyline, please call now to schedule an appointment!

We also install polymeric grout and sealers on pavers. This prohibits weed/mold/algae growth and creates an impervious surface for water/ice/snow.

On all new work, we design and use systems and components that will preserve, protect and allow you to enjoy your wood or composite deck/concrete or paver walkways, steps and patios, wood/vinyl/cement board siding, and patios for years to come.

Call us today to schedule your free estimate survey.


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